This blog is about an epic journey being undertaken by 2 women – both senior in years, but young at heart.

No one has ever suggested I plan too small, but this time even I am in awe of the adventure we are undertaking.

My name is Joanne, and “we” includes my long-time friend, Helen.  Since our retirement in 2011, we have been buddies through many adventures together, including hiking end-to-end both the Bruce Trail and Oak Ridges Moraine Trail in Southern Ontario.

This time however, we have decided to go bold … really bold … and tackle the Trans-Canada Trail, now billed as The Great Trail.  It is a vast network of recreational trails across Canada that currently comprises over 21,000 km of connected urban, rural, wilderness, and waterway trails.  It is considered the largest recreational trail in the world and when completed is expected to be 24,000 km.


At our current ages of 70 (Helen) and 61 (me), this goal includes a healthy helping of hopeful thinking, but why not?  Life should be a grand adventure.

There is nothing quite like an audacious goal.  I hope you’ll join us on this bold journey.

Helen (right) and I on the Bruce Trail, 2013

March 29, 2017


  1. I’ve just noticed that Amanda from ‘Something to Ponder About’, follows your blog so thought I’d come over and take a like. Hope you don’t mind – but I think I’ll tag along for what looks like is going to be a massively inspirational journey.


    • Thank you for deciding to tag along! … however, I’m puzzled that my About page isn’t the updated version I thought I had written over a year ago.

      My hiking partner unfortunately decided she couldn’t proceed and so this project has now taken on an entirely different flavour. I’m still pursuing a much toned down version of this project but on my own or with whoever I can coax into joining me. Hopefully I have many more great adventures ahead!

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    • I think I’ve only mentioned it once on my main blog. I waffled quite a bit about whether I wanted to write about this journey along the Trans-Canada, and I certainly didn’t want to include it on my main blog.

      What I like about this new blog is that it keeps me engaged with the trail in a way I might not otherwise be 🙂
      Glad to have you along!

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  2. Joining you in spirit! So looking forward to following along on your adventures…best of luck to you both….Deb


  3. Joanne and Helen, you gals inspire so many of us!! Looking forward to the stories, pictures and laughable moments, as well as the achievements of course…….

    Barb + Lisa

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    • Thanks Barb 🙂

      I appreciate the encouragement and support I get from you on a regular basis. You understand, and there is nothing better than a friend who ‘gets’ you ❤


  4. Wow… Awe… Gee… (I thought I should stick with three letter words as the first four letter one that sprung to mind isn’t particularly family friendly, although it may feature on your journey occasionally, hopefully not but if you do see any cows…) far out! 🙂


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