Skookum Tour – Part 3

I’m closing in on the end of day 7 of this 10-day adventure on Vancouver Island, with Deb from Widow Badass.

Neck Point Park

Each day has been packed with activity and we drop into bed exhausted each night … and yet trying to squeeze out a blog post about what we’re doing is proving to be a major problem.

Neck Point Park

How many different ways can I say that the island is beautiful and a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts?

Neck Point Park

How many photos of questionable quality can I post, trying to show a glimmer of why I love it here?

It would actually be easier in many ways if something went terribly wrong so I’d have a story to tell.

But I got nothing … although I came very close to tossing my camera into the ocean a few days ago. Stupid piece of useless $#@& … but that’s a different story.

Little Qualicum Falls

It rained.

For 2 days.

Does that count as blog-worthy drama? Lie to me if you have to.

Donna (Retirement Reflections) on Notch Hill … in the rain …
for the 2nd day in a row.

And everyone has been friendly, and helpful, and kind. No drama anywhere – not even during a pandemic. No one whining about masks. Or lineups.

What’s a blogger to do?!

Deb (Widow Badass) at Neck Point Park

So that’s it in a nutshell. I’ve got nothing to tell.

Kayaking around Saysutshun / Newcastle Island

Just endless beauty.


  1. Joanne I never know which blog you are using! Your gravatar takes me to your other blog. I had no idea you were here until I read Donna’s post. That being said, it looks you and the girls had a great time of it. So nice to see something fun going on.


      • This blog has actually been around for a few years, but it has a very specific focus which is why my posts here tend to be more sporadic.

        I’m afraid my main blog has become a victim of COVID. The pandemic has affected all of us in different ways and my blog lost its will to live. I find it hard to imagine I’ll be able to resurrect it again, but at the same time haven’t been able to write its eulogy.

        I appreciate this sounds very vague, but that’s pretty well been my head space this year.

        Thanks so much for caring 💕


    • Sorry for the confusion, Ally.

      This space has been active for a few years, but only to chronicle explorations on Canadian trails.
      My main blog has been inactive for several months now and I’m at a loss to find the inspiration to resurrect it. I feel it may have run its natural course. This nudge from you might be what I needed to redirect my gravatar to finally acknowledge the end of My Life Lived Full.

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    • Thanks Manja 🙂 My visit is coming into the final stretch now and today is a rest day … much anticipated! I’ve been lucky to have good weather to go with the great company of women I’ve been with and the beautiful scenery.

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  2. If only the border was open and Canada wanted some new citizens… I am so, so enjoying these updates that have allowed me to join you even just a little bit. I understand having frustrations with a camera but your photos are gorgeous. I wonder if you’ll be lobbying for a move to VI when you get home?


    • It is very sad that you couldn’t join us this summer. It would have been an epic visit.

      I could lobby all I want for a move across the country, but it would never happen. Family anchors us to Toronto, although if we did move, I wouldn’t be surprised if our sons followed us shortly after. I can always dream 🙂

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    • Yeah – I came close a second time on our kayaking trip. I think I resolved one of the problems though … tracking was turned on which was depleting the battery. It’s been saved to live another day 😏


  3. What went wrong with your camera? Your photos are great, Joanne! Your opener photo with all that sparkly water is gorgeous. What is the white stuff on the rocks in the last photo? It looks like….ice curls?!


    • This is the replacement camera from when my equipment was lost in Lisbon last November. It just doesn’t work the same way as its predecessor and it’s VERY frustrating. This trip has taught me that this camera just won’t do. I’m going to try and trade it in since it’s under a year old.

      The white stuff IS the rock. I was fascinated by it too – worn and polished smooth from the wind and water. Up close, the rock is a wonder.

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  4. The photos! Wow! I would love to live on Vancouver Island. 🤪 Okay, now I am just rubbing it in. It is always the special people who make all of the difference in our good times. And you are one of these people, Joanne. ❤️ I am happy we have some time together, enjoying life, fun times and the beauty on our planet.xx


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