Hiking The Rock – Part 2

I think I can speak for both Deb and I when I say our favourite day of hiking in Newfoundland wasn’t really a planned hike at all. In fact, we headed out without water or hiking poles and decided only at the last minute to put on our boots … and I’m glad we did.

We had planned a day trip along the west coast of Conception Bay to visit a friend of Deb’s at Harbour Grace. It was a lovely mild day and along the way, we decided to stop at Bay Roberts to check out the Shoreline Trail.

This section of trail is not part of the TransCanada but in my opinion it should be.

Newfoundland is big! The red balloon is Bay Roberts and St John’s is where we were based. We took the scenic route around the Bay which took us about 90 minutes.

In the short hour we spent walking along this trail, we saw enough of it that we wished we had much more time to explore.

I’ll let the photos do the talking.

Catching an iceberg off shore clearly gave this trek a high score. The only thing missing was a whale sighting.
It didn’t take long into this hike before I knew I was in my happy place.
Maybe leaving the hiking poles behind wasn’t such a great idea. Going up wasn’t bad, but coming back down was a bit more challenging.
Newfoundland is called The Rock for a reason.
All trails should be so accommodating!!
No, we weren’t in the land of the Little People. This is an old cold cellar used by early homesteaders.
Farming this terrain wouldn’t have been an easy life.
Right about now I was regretting not having water with me. As experienced hikers we should have known better.
I had 2 cameras with me on this hike and I just noticed that one camera had spots on the lens. Damn!

Just revisiting these photos makes me wish we were back there again. This is a breathtakingly beautiful province and I highly recommend it!


  1. Seriously gorgeous and charming. Got to love the toilets on the trail (even if you didn’t need to use it because you forgot your water 😜). And that cold storage is in such good condition… is it still in use?


    • I love that there were toilets on this trail. I wish all trails were so accommodating! … but yeah, not bringing water even for a short hike wasn’t a smart idea.

      I doubt that the cold storage is still used, but it appears to be maintained as a historical structure.

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  2. It’s beautiful in all its cragginess! I bet it was slippery coming down sans poles I’m glad you didn’t fall.

    You not taking water reminded me of the time I went on a hike around Pinecrest Lake with the family; the kids were little then. I had purchased a new cantine for the trip so, I rinsed it out then filled it up for the hike. It was quite hot that summer and we got about halfway round the lake when I took a drink of water from the cantine and spit it out. It tasted awful so, I poured out all the water expecting to find a spigot to fill it again since there were houses here and there along the lake. By the time we actually found a spigot on the opposite side of the lake we were so parched and He-Man was so mad at me for emptying the cantine no matter if it still tasted new and awful.

    I’ve never thrown out water while on a hike since and doubt I ever will again. πŸ™‚


  3. I know what you mean about fighting gravity on the way down a steep hill. I would have felt quite vulnerable without my trusting walking pole.

    I am not much of a traveler, but the “Rock” is one place I hope to visit before I take my final voyage!


  4. It is such a beautiful place. I love that iceberg shot.
    I know the feeling when it comes to lens spots, but hey, any time you’re in a windy place near the water, well spots are gonna happen πŸ˜‰


  5. I admire your integrity. Instead of pointing out the water spots, you could have told a story about an encounter with UFO’s. Which is what I would have probably done.

    What a beautiful hiking trail. And I love the cold cellar. I’ll bet it only got used about two months out of the year.


    • Actually, winters are pretty long here so the cellars were used to store the harvest over the winter. Maybe I don’t have the name right?

      It makes me crazy when I don’t check my lens for dust or water spots and then I have marks on my images. I just couldn’t be bothered to go back and fix the flaws … so there are you, flaws and all! Or aliens. Whichever works for you πŸ™‚

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      • Aliens works well for me. I kind of like aliens.

        But I’ve had that problem too, with “UFO’s”. The dust usually only shows up on sky portions of photos, so it sometimes takes a while to notice.

        So a cold cellar keeps things warm? Okay. I’ll remember that if I ever move to the North country.

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