Jelly Bean Row – Day 5

St John’s is famous for its streets of houses painted in bright colours.

I was expecting a single street, maybe two, of jelly-bean coloured row houses. I wasn’t expecting to find them as a prominent feature throughout the city.

Today was a ‘rest’ day from hiking. We went to a museum and walked around downtown. Quite frankly we did as much walking as we would have on a hike … and St John’s is VERY hilly.

A hike might have been easier.


  1. I had the best calves of my life when I was a student at MUN. And if you think walking the hills is hard, try cycling up Prescott Street from Water Street to Military Road. Your lungs will BURN. Glad you’re getting out and about enjoying one of Canada’s most unique cities. It’s a hidden gem. Have you done the hike around the Battery and Signal Hill?


    • These hills are not for the faint of heart! I had heard St John’s was hilly but this really borders on mountainous. Those hills are STEEP. You know a hill is steep when the sidewalk has been built into staircases. That is something I’ve never seen before.

      A bicycle? Not this girl. I’d be falling off!!

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  2. What a great photo. Jelly Bean row…..I would love to live there if only for the name. Are there restrictions on the colors or can they choose any color they want?


    • We were wondering the same thing. I thought that there may be some committee that ‘controls’ the colour of homes but I couldn’t find any evidence of it.
      What I did find was that apparently it started as an idea in the 1970s as a way to revitalize a declining city. The idea caught on like wildfire and spread. Now it’s become a famous symbol of the city.

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  3. Hi Joanne, Vibrant colours. How are you doing understanding the Newfoundland language? lol We were in Newfoundland many years ago and we did find it challenging understanding some of the English language. We were given instructions on the ferry and we had no idea what they were saying. Loved the people!


    • So far it’s not been as bad as I expected – although yesterday we had a lesson on how to properly pronounce Newfoundland. Needless to say we weren’t pronouncing it properly 😉
      Hint – it has the same inflection as ‘understand’.

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  4. The second I read you’d walked around town and a museum I knew you two put in some miles and it wasn’t a rest day! The houses and buildings are lovely and not as ghastly as I imagined brightly colored homes and buildings to be!


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