Holyrood – Day 3

Today’s bitter north wind made it feel even colder than yesterday, but the rain held off for us again. This time we were skirting around the very southern tip of Conception Bay on an urban trail through the town of Holyrood.

Our original plan had been to kayak from this location, but the cold and brisk winds told us otherwise. The rough waves on the water sealed the decision.

For the third day in a row we saw icebergs although these were far in the distance.

Today’s photo comes from a very special sign posted at the bottom of a driveway discovered just off the trail. Tucked beside it was an old heritage cemetery, dating back to 1840, its ground covered in a thick soft moss.

This appears to be a place filled with love and warmth … something that would be appreciated on a cold windy day like today.


    • The funny part is that while yesterday we were wearing 4 layers against the cold, today we were hiking in short sleeves. Newfoundland weather is part of the adventure 😉


    • Yeah – we knew it would be cold and wet so we packed accordingly. We’ve been very lucky with the weather though and the rain has held off during each of our hikes. While we have been dressed for rain, it’s been nice to not have it!!


  1. Did I ever tell you about the time I brought my 7 year old daughter with me on a business trip to St. John’s 14 years ago? It was the end of May and time away from NL had erased the memory of how cold it can be at that time of year. My poor child only had a windbreaker and runners on the day we visited Cape Spear. I have a photo of her huddled behind a rock against the wind looking utterly forlorn. After the visit we headed to a St. John’s institution (though its actually in the Goulds) called Bidgoods in search of a hat and mitts. The wonder is they had them – at the beginning of June.

    Stay warm, you too!


    • Because of this comment from you, yesterday we went in search of Bidgoods – and found it! I’m going to blame you for the salt water taffy I ended up buying. It’s REALLY good 😉


      • Ha ha! I’m SO pleased you went to Bidgoods. Its one of those rare places that is so quintessentially local (did you buy any partridgeberry jam?) and often overlooked – or not found – when travelling. Who the heck goes to the Goulds, for heavens’ sake? Not exactly on the beaten path. Your dentist will love you for all the taffy you’re eating. 😉


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