Changing Seasons – April

I want to complain bitterly about what a miserable month April has been, but after I looked through my photos, I realized the unseasonably cold weather didn’t really hamper us much as we continued to push forward on the trail.

When we were finally rewarded with a perfect spring day, we had butterfly sightings, woodpeckers, blue jays, and the call of a loon on Stoco Lake as we passed through the town of Tweed.

Stoco Lake, Tweed … stretching its spring legs

I don’t get to hear the call of a loon very often, and when I do, it always sends shivers up my spine – in a feel-good, dopey-grin kind of way.

The beginning of April saw us passing through the town of Campbellford.  I had been eagerly awaiting this trip because of a suspension bridge over the gorge with a lookout over Ranney Falls.  This was going to have all things I love – a bridge, a gorge, and some waterfalls.

Campbellford - Suspension Bridge

Whenever I start developing expectations, it’s never a good thing.  Reality can rarely compete with my overblown expectations.

That’s not to say it was a complete bust … the view downstream was spectacular with great spikes of ice built up along the rock wall lining the river.


I’m particularly proud of these photos since it was a challenge taking pictures through the high metal fencing that lined both sides of the pedestrian bridge.


The view of Ranney Falls itself was underwhelming.

Campbellford - Ranney Falls
Ranney Falls, Campbellford

Let’s just say, I’ve seen a lot of waterfalls and this one wouldn’t make my favourites list.

Campbellville - Ranney Falls

The unseasonably cold weather meant that small patches of snow continued to be a regular feature, although mud on the trail has been nudging the snow into irrelevance.

We were so excited to encounter a large wall of rock just outside of Tweed.  Our first thought was that the trail was starting to move into the legendary Canadian Shield.

Tweed – Hastings County with Helen

At last!  The trail was finally going to get really interesting!

Tweed – Hastings County

Unfortunately, our excitement was short-lived, and before long we were back to the flat “sameness” we’ve been experiencing throughout our entire journey in Southern Ontario.

The girls look as impressed as I felt.

There is still so much ahead, and the best part is that spring is finally here!  Before long we’ll be seeing green instead of endless brown.

Changing Seasons is a monthly photo feature hosted this year by Su Leslie from Zimmerbitch.  Check out Su’s world as New Zealand enters autumn.


  1. You’re spoilt with your excess of water Joanne. It is still very dry here and would love to see that underwhelming waterfall right now 🙂 Those ice walls are impressive. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I adore your picture of the bridge and the landscapes taken through the metal bridge fencing. And your picture of the two lovely ‘ladies’ at the end of the post had me roaring. Those expressions were priceless. Happy Spring


    • Happy Spring, Lisa!! 🙂
      We’ve seen a lot of cows in our travels and usually they look at us curiously – even with some hope that maybe we have a special treat for them.
      In contrast, these ladies looked outright annoyed – suspicious even. They did not like the look of us 😆

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Your ice pictures are amazing and I could hear the call of the loon on Stoco Lake. Oh, and if Helen doesn’t want to kayak with you through the locks I will!!! I’ve wanted to do that ever since we visited the locks on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa.


  4. The waterfall looks more like what I’d call a cascade, but the ice photos more than make up for it. And I love the reflections of the trees in the first photo. I am impressed that even in winter early spring you ladies got out there. Good for you!


    • ha! The waterfall was definitely a ‘meh’ moment. That’s the problem with expectation. It’s not necessarily a good thing 🙂

      Being on the trail in all kinds of weather makes the whole experience much more interesting. We get to watch the world come alive again 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Love those photos of the ice…and love that I won’t be seeing ice again until much later in this year (one hopes, fervently!). Goodbye April – don’t let the screen door hit your butt on the way out!


  6. I love Tweed, and love taking this (virtual) hiking tour of Southern Ontario with you. I even had a nostalgic pang when you mentioned the “flat “sameness.” Now that’s a Southern Ontario girl through and through!


  7. Your comment on the cows is wonderful, Joanne. Yup. Underwhelmed it is. The only reason I am OK with the weird weather we have had this month is that I have had neither the heat nor the A/C on. My house is old so the bills for heating/cooling are ridiculous. My power company is gonna have to wait until it gets really hot before I turn on the A/C.


    • The cows were hilarious. Usually we encounter cows that appear curious while these ones looked grumpy and annoyed 😏

      At this point I’m simply looking forward to having the windows open again. It’s the end of April and we still have the furnace on.


  8. I love the photo of the cows. I know, you gave us so many others, but their expression just captures the tone of your post so well. At least you were out and hiking. That has to make you feel good inside. Here’s hoping spring starts busting out, bigtime!


    • We are still waiting for the flower stage, but I’m starting to see fat buds on trees and shrubs. It won’t be long before they burst into leaves and we start to see that green hue on everything again 🙂


  9. Oooh, the ice falls along the river are stunning! Did you think it would be neat to Kayak through there?
    I don’t think going over the fall would be though.

    The tree reflections in the over flowing lake are wonderful too.

    It looks like a good hike/ride to me.

    I second Manja’s wishes for more green, impressive sights along the journey, and happy trails!


    • I am really looking forward to seeing some green again – I’ve had enough of the brown landscape for one season!!

      All boats coming through this area are funnelled through a different canal and a lock. Photos of it may still show up in a different post. The canal for boats was still frozen.
      We’ve now passed through 4 communities along this canal system with its many locks. It is on my list of things to do this summer to return to one of them to pass through a lock in a kayak. When I mentioned it to Helen, she looked at me horrified and said she would definitely not be doing it with me 🙂


  10. Hhaha, unimpressed girls meet unimpressed girls. 😀 The first photo is excellent and the ice looks impressive. Wishing you more green, more impressed wildlife and bigger waterfalls. Happy trail!


    • Winter doesn’t appear to want to let go quite yet. Incredibly, there is a potential for snow flurries forecasted this Sunday 🤨

      I asked a local person out that day by Stoco Lake if flooding in the spring was a normal thing and she said it was. In fact we later noticed that many of the cottages/homes along the shoreline were built on stilts.
      We have so. much. water. in this country and I’m equally fascinated and terrified by flooding.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Wow!! It’s snowing on the mountains here, but we’re in the South Island and it is nearly winter. Flooding is very common here and terrifies me. I lived in a house that flooded once and the smell if wet mud still makes me gag.


        • You and I have had the same experience then. When I first moved to Toronto I lived in a basement apartment which flooded during a heavy rain. I’ve been terrified of flooding ever since. I’m particularly obsessive about checking and rechecking our basement every time we get heavy rain 😕

          Liked by 1 person

          • I totally understand that. We don’t have a basement, and the last time we had any rainwater coming into the house was when we were extending and the builders put up framing on the new bit. It acted like a lip, containing the water and driving it into the house. T was away and the boy-child and his friend thought it was great fun to watch the carpet get wetter and wetter. Boys eh!!


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