2017 Wrap Up

I’ve been missing in this space since early November.  Making progress on the Trans-Canada just failed to bubble up in our priorities.

First it was because I took 2 weeks off to go on vacation, and then Helen got wrapped up with the theft of her car while I was gone.  Dealing with the police, the insurance company, and finding a new car consumed her energy for 2 weeks after I returned.

No Parking
I feel welcomed … what about you? Feel the love?  At Kissing Bridge.

Then the weather turned wintery.  We’re not strangers to hiking in winter weather, but driving in snowy conditions always makes us think twice.  Toss in bone-chilling cold and neither of us were eager to head out on the trail.

I’m not worrying too much about bites when there’s snow on the ground.  In Cambridge.

Add in the chaos that normally surrounds Christmas and you get an idea of why it’s been quiet in this blog space.

However, to wrap up the year, I thought it would be appropriate to do a summary of our first year tackling this challenge.

We started our journey on March 16th and over the past 10’ish months, we’ve covered 643 km.   It’s considerably less than the 1,400 km I had initially targeted that we could complete, but some time ago my Type A personality had to come to terms with the fact that this wasn’t going to be about finishing, but about savouring this epic journey.

Besides the opportunity to be outdoors, and simply enjoying each other’s company, it is the unusual little finds discovered along the way that keeps us wanting more.

So for this year’s wrap up, I’m featuring just a few of these ‘discoveries’ in the gallery below.

Happy New Year, and thank you for keeping us company on this journey.  Hope to see you on the trails!!



  1. Not sure how I missed this post – especially since I’m so interested in the determination of you two to get on with this trail in spite of obstacles. Hope Helen is okay about her car now – awful thing to happen. Looking forward to following along in 2018 although this winter has not been anyone’s friend.


  2. I think this is a journey to be savoured; not rushed. I don’t want you to reach the end any time soon as I am enjoying the stuff you find along the way. I know. I am a very selfish person.

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  3. Hi, Joanne – Thanks for the update. Just yesterday someone mentioned the Trans-Canada Trail to me and I wondered how you and Helen were doing.
    So sorry to hear about Helen’s car. That’s terrible news.
    I am glad that you and Helen are focused on savouring your journey, enjoying the outdoors, and appreciating each other’s company. I look forward to reading about your continued adventures!


    • Thanks Donna – happy to have you along.

      I appreciate that Southern Ontario is likely one of the most unexciting part of the trail. Both of us are anxious to get into Quebec … I hoping by this summer 🙂


    • You know you have a good friend when you can comfortably spend hours alone together week after week. Helen inspires me in so many ways and I’m looking forward to getting back on the trail next week!

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  4. Happy New Year, Joanne (and Helen). I’m sure you do realize that 643 km is a bunch of hiking. I’m going to go ahead and give you guys a “nicely done” ‘cuz I remember some of the challenges you wrote about.


    • I couldn’t agree with you more about the bugs. Ugh. That’s why I particularly hate hiking in late spring when they are the worst – at least here they are.

      We hope to be back on the trail next week – armed with snowshoes.


    • Thanks Lisa. I’ve really been challenged with blogging time in the past 6 weeks. I hope I can correct that in the new year although it’s already looking really busy!

      Hope you are well and the new year is off to a good start!


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